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our ingredients

we pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients - nothing is too good for our customers!

we use only the finest fruits, vegetables, and pure maui cane sugar, to give our preserves, dressings, and candies that perfect flavor!

here are some of the fine ingredients we use:


mangos are the king of tropical fruit! juicy, tangy, aromatic, with a firm, substantial texture, they make excellent jam and chutney. everyone's favorite!

passion fruit

tangy, flavorful, and exotic, passion fruit is a little tart for eating out of hand, but makes an excellent jam or syrup.

star fruit

this delicate, refreshing, juicy fruit makes an unforgettably delicious jelly.


this island favorite is outstanding as a jelly. sweet, tart, with a flowery, subtle essence.


mulberries have a very distinctive, delicate flavor, much subtler than blackberries or raspberries. excellent in jams.


if there's one fruit that says "hawaii" this has to be it! juicy, tart, sweet, tropical!


who doesn't know and love strawberries? ours are island grown, for that rich flavor that only the tropical sun provides.

sweet maui onion

world famous for their sweetness and mildness, maui sweet onions make the best dressings, relishes, and our exclusive maui onion jelly.


the tropical staple, coconut makes a delicious milk, which adds richness and flavor top our pineapple coconut jam.

maui jelly factory
32 kumano drive
pukalani, maui, hawaii
phone: 808-242-6989
fax: 808-242-8389

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delightful jams and jellies

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